Saying Goodbye in Japanese

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You probably already have heard the famous way to say „Goodbye“  Sayônara さようなら. However, this is only used, when you really don’t know when or whether at all you will meet that person again. If you have an appointment with that person, it is better to use another expression:


If you are parting in the evening and your next meeting is scheduled for the next day, you would say Dewa, mata ashita! では、また明日。(„Well, until tomorrow!“) Will you meet again the day after tomorrow, it’s Dewa, asatte made! では、あさってまで!( „Well, until the day after tomorrow!“)
Your next appointment is scheduled for next week? Then it’s : Dewa, mata raishû! では、また来週!(„Well, until next week!“)

Here you can also use the days of the week:
Monday getsuyôbi 月曜日
Tuesday kayôbi 火曜日
Wednesday suiyôbi 水曜日
Thursday mokuyôbi 木曜日
Friday kinyôbi 金曜日
Saturday doyôbi 土曜日
Sunday nichiyôbi 日曜日
„See you Sunday!“ in Japanese is Dewa, nichiyôbi made! では、日曜日まで!

If you separate only to meet again a few hours later that same day, „Goodbye“ translates to Dewa, nochi hodo! では、のちほど。Or a little more informal: Dewa, mata ato de! では、またあとで!(„See you later!“)

When leaving the company in the evening while some of the colleagues are still diligently working, you could display good manners and apologize: Osakini shitsurei shimasu. お先に失礼します。(„I’m sorry, but I am leaving now…“).

When your boss or anybody of a higher rank than you leaves in the evening, his work of the day is acknowledged with the following words: Gokurôsama desu. ご苦労様です。(Thank you for your efforts!)

To wish somebody a „Good night“  makes the situartion a very informal one: Oyasumi nasai! おやすみなさい!(„Have a good rest!“)

That is why I will say „Goodbye“ with Dewa, mata saraishû! (Well, until the week after next) as I do hope you will join me again in two weeks time for the next Blog in English!