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Messages from Water and the Universe

Twenty years ago, Dr. Masaru Emoto succeeded for the very first time in taking a photograph of a water crystal. Shortly after his books of those water crystal photographs entitled „The Message of Water“ became extremely popular all over the world. This resulted in him being invited to lecture all over the world. The first edition of „The message of Water“ was published in Japanese and English before being translated into more than 47 languages. Germany has been one of the first countries, where he has been giving lectures and I am very proud be be part of his success as translator and interpreter for Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Now he is over 70 years old and it has become more and more difficult for him to go out on these long journeys around the world, stopping in so many countries for a number of lectures, even though he still has so many new information to tell his community of friends. Therefore he has come up with a new idea to stay in contact with all his friends and supporters: A website in English for members only, with a fair amount of information available for free, too. However, for those who would like to chat with Dr. Emoto online and get access to new information, videos and articles as as soon as possible, a membership for $ 3.50 a month or $ 35 a year is recommended.

By the way, the membership fees will also support the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT the goal of which is to distribute free copies of the children’s book on water crystals all over the worls.

Will we be meeting again on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website HadoWorld.com?